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Welcome and thank you for join us in a meditation experience. As discussed in earlier newsletters there are many ways to meditate and each experience is unique, personal and usually a very private matter, much akin to prayer. Even in group meditations the energy can create and expand the awareness of each participants in wonderfully individualist ways.

Meditation is simply the process by which we quiet the body, mind and soul. Quieting the body is the easy part quieting the mind takes more practice. Once the mind is quiet the soul can expand and grow as it begins it's journey of awakening. Meditation can separate you from the overwhelming influx of information and noise so prevalent in today's world. It allows you to gain and maintain control over your emotions, your health and your level of stress. Meditation allows you to connect to your Source, whatever that may be at this time and to gain guidance, clarification, answers and or a feeling of peacefullness and well-being. The meditations on this page are designed to be done while in a seated, still position. The meditations (swfs) offered on this page are approximately 8 minutes in length and are guided meditations. Basically this means that you will be provided with the mental imagery to take you to a place where you can open your mind to receive messages, release anger or pain or deal with frustrating events in your daily life. My hope is to provide an indication of what meditation can be and do for you to those interested in learning to meditate and to offer to experienced meditators a short refreshing break from your day or to help serve as a reminder of our connectedness when the daily stresses become overwhelming.

Once everything within is in harmony, you maybe surprised at what thoughts may come. Messages and guidance that come in meditation can take on many forms. They may seem as real as any waking situation, they may resonate through you in feelings and emotions, they can give you the feeling of being embraced or of being connected or they can simply leave you with a wonderful feeling of peacefullness and of being refreshed. Each is correct and it is important not to dismiss ideas and feelings that come. Don't be discouraged it for the first few times nothing comes through but the feeling of peacefullness. Don't force it and you will find that your connection will grow with experience.

A few pointers before we begin. Each of the meditations begins very similarly with breathing exercises, as this is part of the actual meditation it is best left within the meditation itself. As for your posture during the meditation, you may sit on the floor, on a cushion or on a chair. If you are going to sit in a chair just ensure that your feet are flat against the floor. Your hands should rest on your lap with the palm facing up. If you wish you may curve your fingers so that your thumb and middle finger meet, this is the traditional pose featured in many drawings and statues. Or you may wish to cup your right hand inside of your left hand so that the tips of your thumbs meet.

Now that you're comfortable, please continue with the meditation of your choice. Just remember to relax and enjoy the experience.

Beginner Meditations

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Forest Forest (SWF)