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Below is a listing of interesting friends, associates and other information to aid you on your journey of self-discovery and connection.


Web Site Description
www.tahirabadre.com Tahira Badre is a wonder bellydance instructor specializing in Lebanese style dance. She is a master choreographer and dancer with 25 years of experience. Tahira has 2 fitness DVD's available, beginner and intermediate, that have been very well receive by the dance community. She has a wonderful site with many photos of her performances and of her students. Tahira has reopened her studio in Burlington, Ontario.
www.goddessemerging.com This is a wonderful site by Tahira Badre and myself. Together we help you to connect with the Divine Feminine within and without to regain a sense of who you truly are. Visit our site and checkout the Goddess Gathering; it's a once a month gathering of women for belly dance, meditation and decadent chocolate cake.
www.bettee.com Bettee Giles is a wonderfully gifted counselor in Caledonia, Ontario. Her energy is boundless and effervescent. She is a joy to visit and to hear speak. Bettee is a trusted counselor who truly seeks to help you find your way. Bettee's site is a wonder combination of her energy, enthusiasm and caring nature.
www.hopespiritual.com Hope Spiritual is a wonderful church under the guidance of Reverend Edwards. Rev. Edwards is a wonderful woman with a warm inner glow and kind disposition. Her guidance and energy have been a blessing to all who know her.
www.animalspirits.com Animal Spirits is a wonderful site for those who wish to learn more about our connection to the animal world and to what messages they bring to us. The vast array of animals and the descriptions of the powers they represent bring a true sense of oneness. Listen to the voices and songs of the animals as you search for the messages from those who have sought to connect with you.
www.angelswhisper.ca Angels Whisper is a beautiful site that will aid you in connecting to and understanding the angels and guides in your life. Lilyanna is a truly warm and wondrous woman whose kindness is evident in all she does. With Lilyanna's direction and guidance you can truly open to new experience and understandings of the angelic realms and hosts that guide and influence us.