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Spiritwalk is pleased to annouce that we will be hosting, running and participating in a number of events in the Greater Hamilton/Burlington area! Events will be run at a variety of locations throughout the region. We are pleased to be able to bring a number of discussions and events to Tahira's Goddess Emerging Dance Studio! Preregistration will be necessary for some locations and is available through Shevine Haven on Meetup.com and on Facebook. All events will be posted on our FaceBook page -

Spiritwalk of Dundas

Spirit Talks

Spirit Talks is an interactive discussion series to aid in creating and explaining many of the spiritual topics that are talked about. We realize that many of the masters talk without explaining some of the basics. There have been many occasions when leaving lectures we have come to realize that everyone has taken a different understanding away with them. We wish to share our perspcetives to aid you find clarification and validation on your journey of spiritual discovery and enlightenment. Topics will vary from month to month as interest and requests dictate.



Spirit Talks

"Beautiful, gentle & stimulating journey during guided meditation, was so releasing, I was hungry when I 'came back.' Please have more sessions, you are clearly here to help us all. Thank you. - Prema

"Fantastic! I learned so much an dfelt so relaxed! You bring an amazing light into the room! Pleae continue thes sesions, this is clearly what you're ment to do! - Sahana R.

"A beautifully crafted and led workshop that had us thinking in a new way about the powe our words have over us. The meditaiton was exquisite, as always. I waways leave Cheryl's meditations feeling renewed and seeing the world with new eyes." - Jennifer

"What an enlightening session. Surrounded by a group of loving and supportive women we were able to discuss the words we use and how they affect our energy. I am so more aware of what I am saying. I think my favourite part was Cheryl's meditation. I love her guided meditations, they always contain a beautiful message." - Joanne