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Mission Statement


To provide a spiritual sanctuary for the road weary soul and for those beginning to discover their spiritual selves,

To provide a safe haven to find comfort and solace as the body heals and help understand the spiritual side of illness to help augment traditional and non-traditional forms of healing,

To provide a safe environment to find and explore your connection to the Divine in a natural, peaceful setting,

To provide an opportunity to discover your path and your connection to the Divine without the dogma, ritual and guilt associated with religion,

To provide a place for the spiritual community to meet, to rejoice in the abundance of life and to provide support to each other.



My current vision for Spiritwalk is to bring into physical being a place, a sanctuary for the people who reside in or will be visiting the Golden Horseshoe area. To build a strong spiritual community based on true spiritual growth without the censorship or dictates of religious dogma. To bring to people an awaking sense of spiritual pride, ownership and accountability while providing the tools and support to awaken and grow to our fullest potential. To heal the body, the mind and the soul from the programming that society imposes and to free the intellect to discover and embrace the spiritual life as it needs to be defined for this life, for each individual. To make known and understandable the works of the great masters who have taught and walked on this Earth, past, present and future and those that guide our actions and thoughts and support us from the unseen realm, our guides, angels, God and Goddess.

I ask all well-wishers and those who are seeking such a place to contribute to the light energy and thoughts needed to manifest this as a reality on this plane.


A Small Start

As a small start forward as the abundance becomes available my wish is to create a healing, spiritual, meditation center in the Dundas/Hamilton area. I would like to renovate an older home and create within it a unique, healing and spiritual energy. There would be three parts to the center that would be available for center use.

Part of the main floor rooms would be renovated to operate as the retail part of the center. Available for purchase would be oracle cards, smudges, incense, meditation stools and cushions, guided meditation CDs, healing kits and supplies and a large selection of spiritual books and films to empower the soul and to create within each visitor a growing, yearning sense of wanting to know themselves and the Divine, God/Goddess or Source. Ultimately to provide the soul with the tools to become all that is possible on this level.

From this retail space would be widedoors opening out onto a small but fragrant meditation garden. There would be benches placed around the garden to allow visitors to sit and be one with the growing, living energies that surround us. Flowering bushes, flower and herb beds would be scattered around the area both to provide privacy and to separate visitors from the overwhelming noise and bustle of the city. Also I would place in the garden a fountain, to allow the calming flow of running water to ease the stresses and aggravations of the daily living.

An addition would be added to create a sacred space meditation room and workshop space which would be painted in a calming taupe with candle scone accents and hanging space dividers to create a sense of personal sacred space and still feel like part of the meditation community. This space would be available for free meditation and could be booked to run workshops on healing, meditation and show spiritual films created by the growing spiritual community. MP3 players with guided meditations would be available for rent by those who are new to meditation or who find it difficult to attain a meditative state alone.



The Big Dream

As the dream grows it will become a healing, meditation and spiritual retreat with bed and breakfast availability for those who wish or need more than just an hour or two for rejuvenation. This center will be located on 29 acres situated on the Niagara Escarpment overlooking the cities of Hamilton, Dundas and Burlington.

The building would be approximately 13,700 square feet with approximately 7,000 square feet designated at spiritual and healing center with another 4,500 square feet designated for the retreat center.

The retreat center would have 4 bedrooms that could accommodate 4 to 8 people with expanded accommodations for an additional 4 to 8 people for group retreat sessions, depending on the arrangements made with the participants. Each of the bedrooms will be painted according to the energies required for those on retreat; a room for spiritual healing, a room for physical healing, a room for clearing the mind of fruitless chatter and finally a room for bringing together the energies for soul growth and expansion. Also available to those on retreat will be a 4 season indoor salt water pool, and 2 gathering rooms for retreat community activities. Outside of the building will be a separate meditation garden area with a treed labyrinth, sacred circle pit and many quiet hollows to spend time meditating and or joining with nature as you heal and release.

Inside of the spiritual healing center will be 4 main areas; healing center, meditation center, lecture/workshop room and retail space. The healing center will have 5 or 7 rooms that are available for rent by healers that either wish to remain small and part of this community or who are just starting out. The spaces will be efficient but still maintain a light and airy sense. The area will have it's own waiting room with washrooms for the clientele who wish to maintain their privacy during their healings.

The meditation area will be approximately 1100 square feet of sacred, private space with muted warm colours to create a unique space. Within the space will be a column of light that will illuminate the area without over powering it or making it too bright.

The lecture/workshop area will be approximately 1100 square feet of stimulating space. The center will use this space to run information and healing workshops, meditation workshops, and to run spiritual films as they become available. The energies in the room will create a vibrancy to enhance the learning and will help to raise the conscious level of those attending the events held within. It will also be available for rent.

The public meditation gardens will be a flowing couple of acres of lush gardens. There will be many little hollows with benches defined by different types of fragrant shrubs and trees. There will also be 1 or 2 gazebos for those who wish to enjoy the gardens without full exposure to the sun. The garden will also have 2 special areas, an 80 foot labyrinth and an 80 sacred circle dance area. The labyrinth will be bordered by flowering shrubs that will delineate the routes of travel into and out of the labyrinth. The paths will be covered in soft, tread resistant grass for those who wish to enter and walk the paths barefoot. The sacred circle space will be a large open area with a 10 foot sandy center for an outdoor fire pit or chiminea, fire code permitting. The next ring will be the tread resistant grass and the whole of the sacred circle will be surround by a mixture of flowering bushes and trees to create a sense of serenity and sacredness.

The retail space will be an enhanced, extension of the small start retail space featuring spiritual art by area artists and those just starting out that wish to be part of the community.