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About Cheryl

I am a natural intuitive energy healer, and psychic. Born and raised in the Greater Hamilton area, in Ontario, Canada. My mission through this life is to aide and help people to heal; whether by the words I write, and speak or by healing touch. It is a mission that, at times in my younger days, I didn't understand. However with age and maturity, I gladly accept this as my mission and I share these gifts with you. As a positive and compassionate White Light Healer, it is my desire to bring forth an abundance of energy and inspiration to help others heal and grow in their own spiritual lives.

My earliest years are a jumble of fun and loving times. Surrounded by a loving family, I know I was blessed even when I felt separated and not a part of it. Yet the visions and knowledge started early and the sight of the bodiless man's legs climbing the stairs at night would have me catch my breath and hide. I still remember him and I once talked about him with my father. I don't know if anyone else ever saw him for no one other than my father said they had seen him. The man wore brown tweed like pant with a one-inch cuff and older style shoes. To this day I can see them in my mind although his spirit rarely walks the stairs at my parent's home any longer.

When I was ten I felt the healing channel open after witnessing a fatal car accident and ensuing fight. It was just before the street lights were to come one and the sound of the crash echoed through the neighbourhood. A group of us ran to see what had happened. Standing there with the girls around me crying, 2 cars crumpled in front of us and friends of the people involved trying to contain another man's anger, the world itself became unreal and seemed more a vision than reality. To stop the friend from doing anything rash, I remember a man hitting him. I can still hear the sound of that hit, and then the sight and sound of the man's body hitting and bouncing off of the asphalt road. In that instant something changed within me, something wonderful although I wouldn't know it for years. A warm golden column of light surrounded me and as I looked at the other girls I could see that none were feeling this sensation. The only way to describe the feeling is that it was like standing under a warm, gentle, glistening waterfall. The energy seemed to flow over and through me until it surged forth in endless waves of comfort and healing. That wonderful feeling of energy flowing has never left my mind or heart and it is an integral part of who I am.

Yet, as with all unrealized gifts, this too was put away. Years later a healer, told me that she had never felt this type of healing energy. She told me that is was like wave on the ocean, constant and flowing and "that it just doesn't stop." A few weeks later a trance state took control of me and locked me into a vision unlike anything that I had experienced before. In this trance, thousands of people came by, each and everyone yelling and screaming for attention and help. Fear struck me deep and I eventually sought out the woman again for an explanation. At this point she told me that this was the healing that the world needed from me. As I had begun a spiritual ministry and growth course the topic of healing and ministering to people arose. During that meditation I accepted my path as healer and willingly and joyfully took upon myself the mantle of service. It still sits on me like a cloak, with warmth and gratitude growing with each step I take on this journey. When I next felt the trace state beginning I held myself expectantly and told the coming energy that I would help them, each and every one of them, to the best of my ability but they could not yell and scream for attention, that each would be seen and aided. Each member of the returning throng, smiled and accepted my offer of service. So began my current journey with a renewed spirit and the slow release and ending of the life that I was living.

So onward I journey, healing and touching the world as my mission moves me.


Cheryl Camillo

Cheryl Camillo