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Terms of Absolutes

We love the idea of absolutes. We believe they are the final word on many things. They shape our beliefs, our boundaries, and in many ways become the foundations by which we live our lives. Our exposure to them starts very early and begins to instill a perception of safety and limits. As we grow we begin to learn that some absolutes that we have come to depend on are not always true absolutes. We begin to be introduced to a wider field of possibilities. We still search for absolutes because they still hold a sense of safety and security, even though we know that there are fewer than we would like. In some ways our absolutes or our belief in them allow us to function and understand the world to a comfortable degree.

Unfortunately we can be easily swayed when we encounter a lot of expressed absolutes. When we tend not to examine or really look at these statements because of the contained absolutes. Our concerns and skepticism gets brushed aside and can leave us feeling betrayed and abandoned when things don't go as planned. We base a lot of our inherent safety and belief on what others deem absolutes or with what we believe is an absolute.

Why is it that we don't examine the absolutes in our lives? Quite simply, fear. Questioned absolutes allows a fear that can rage on unchecked which will always cause more harm than good. The fear and anger raised in this way can be very detrimental to us and how we deal with the world around us. It allows our distrust of anything that differs from our perspective to be feared and shunned and can grow to unrealistic dimensions quickly. It become imperative that we stop reacting and really slow down our thoughts and calm our spirits

We can deal with absolutes but we must face a fuller picture than we are used to. We will be here for a time, we have basic needs for living and thriving, and then we will leave. These are the basic truths or absolutes that we all understand and accept. The more intangible absolutes of someone's love, someone's joy or happiness or any of the absolutes expressed in response to emotional needs area also very important. With this kind of absolute we need to remember that the absolute expressed is from a personal point of reference and may not be the absolute that the other needs or believes they deserve.

As a reassurance absolutes allow us to calmly face our challenges and traumas. It can reassure us that we are not alone and ignorant and that we can make it through. As with all of the terms we use, we need to be aware of the energy and truth behind them.

I bid you peace as you grow and move forward. Blessings.




"The sun rises and I wake and prepare for the day.

The birds and animals have already begun their day.

I take my place among those rushing to and fro,

Yet my pace is a little slower and I am allowed to survey nature flow,

This flow washes over me and takes the need to rush and worry far away.

Yes those things are important but they too have their time and place.

For now I reside in a place of peace and can face the world

and my challenges."


Changes Moving Forward

I have been sharing with the world now for many years and I have enjoyed and gotten more out of this than I would have thought possible. Yet for a while now there has been a growing sense of something needing to change. I still am unaware of just what this change will include but I do know that the Spiritwalk newsletters will be taking a break for the time being.

We have struggled to get through the last year and a half and writing has granted me an avenue to share thoughts and perspectives that I trust have helped in some measure with all that you have had to endure and become the person you desire to be.

So I would like to take this opportunity to express my love and gratitude to all of you. Never forget the potential and possibility contained within and be kind to yourself and others.

May you walk hand in hand with the Divine always, until we meet again.



October 2021